Energy training and partnering in the Baltic Sea Region


The third BALREPA was completed 23-26 October 2012.


BALREPA is a dynamic forum for exchange of knowledge and expertise among energy planners. BALREPA aims to further a macro-regional approach to energy planning in the Baltic Sea Region through joint training activities and formulation of concrete projects.


Each year a new country/region hosts an international academy where authorities, energy companies, research institutions and NGOs engage in common training and exchange of expertise that address current energy planning issues.


The featuring topics of each academy will vary from year to year depending on the current international debate and local interests of the host country/region, thus contributing to both local benefits and cross-country understanding in the Baltic Sea Region.


The first academy was held in Kaliningrad, Russia 23-26 May 2011 and the second academy in Vilnius, Lithuania, 8-11 November 2011.


In additional to a common energy identity the benefits of participation include improved access to financing through:


  • Project twinning
  • Professional partnering
  • Participatory energy planning
  • Systemic analyses approach
  • Application of best practices
  • Dissemination of new trends


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Academy Secretariat

Arne Grove
Director, NCM Information Office,
Kaliningrad, Russia
Mobile: +790 6238 9195


Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen
Senior Consultant, Ea Energy Analyses,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mobile: +45 6039 1709